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A successful farm doesn’t run itself. It succeeds through the hard work of individuals, and with the support of various types of farm equipment. These machines allow farms to run more efficiently and produce better crops than what is possible without them.

Different farm machines serve different functions. Some of the more important include:


Seeders are the pieces of farm equipment that help to get things started. They distribute seeds across the planting area and into the soil. The best seeder for a crop depends on the condition of the soil. When there is a lot of clay in the soil, disc seeders are a good choice because they are able to spread seeds in a single pass.

When seeds need to be placed in a particular area, a double disc seeder is used, normally after the land has been properly tilled. Cultivator seeders are another option that uses air pressure to reinforce seed placement.


Threshers are machines used in harvesting that separate a crop from straw.


Irrigation machines help the land breathe and circulate. In order to properly irrigate, sprayers and pumps distribute moisture evenly throughout the land. At times sprinkler systems are installed to maintain proper irrigation.


Tractors are the muscle of farm and construction equipment. They are used for towing and pulling heavy objects or other machines. They come in various sizes. Compact tractors are often used when landscaping is needed, and they can help with digging, construction, tilling, and cutting grass.

Since these machines make it easier for farmers to grow and distribute large crops, there is a bigger need for heavy equipment exporters who can get farm and construction equipment where it needs to go.

JES International Group is a Miami equipment and export company that has been selling and distributing farm and construction equipment for export for more than 17 years.

We are ready to bring our knowledge and experience to wherever it is needed. If you need a heavy equipment export, contact us to discuss your options and what we can do for you.


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