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5 Pieces of Farm Equipment That Increase Productivity

5 Pieces Of Farm Equipment That Increase Productivity

Over hundreds of years, farming has seen an increased use of technology. Farming equipment is always changing to increase efficiency. In fact, today’s farmers produce 262% more food products with 2% fewer inputs, like seeds and fertilizer, than farmers did back in 1950. Better equipment can improve farmer, animal, and consumer livelihood. This article is going to discuss a few key heavy equipment options farmers have access to nowadays that help increase productivity.

Transportation: With modern transportation, farmers can make their products available at markets away from the farm. This process can be done quicker and easier, even daily if necessary. In doing this, the farmer increases profit and grows their customer base. Additionally, modern transportation allows farmers to easily transport products and heavy equipment around the farm.

Machines: By utilizing agricultural equipment, farmers are able to get more work done in a shorter amount of time. Heavy equipment like tractors and harvesting tools makes the process of planting, maintaining, and harvesting more efficient. When running a farm, timing is key. If a farmer is behind schedule, they could ruin their crop. But with farming equipment and machines, farmers can ensure they are as productive as possible.

Refrigerated Trailers: When farmers need to move or transport their perishable crops, it’s crucial that they are kept fresh during the process. Fortunately, refrigerated trailers can make this possible. Customers appreciate getting fresh crops and farmers don’t have to worry about their crops spoiling during transport. With refrigerated trailers, farmers can transport their products longer distances and expand their customer base.

Irrigation: Irrigation systems have been around for thousands of year. But today’s irrigation systems are much more effective. Irrigation is especially important for farms in hot, dry climates. Combining irrigation systems with today’s technology allows farmers to set up a simple irrigation system for their entire farm that can easily be operated and managed.

Animal Feed: Long gone are the days of manually gathering food for livestock. Farmers can utilize the help of heavy equipment to manufacture feeds for their animals. Not only is this a cost-effective option, but manufactured feeds can have added nutrients to help keep the animal healthy. And, of course, healthy animals lead to an increased output of product.

Farm and construction equipment is continuously changing. The new and improved equipment allows for increased profitability and productivity.

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